Thursday, 25 July 2013


Agathe has photographed these two strapping specimens, Bacon and Ham.

They have grown from sweet little piglets into handsome sows, who charge to the fence when we call to them “Here, Pig Pig Pig Pig Pig Pig!”

They're primary purpose is to root out a garden bed from the rocky, root-filled ridge top.
Of course beyond that we hope they will live up to their names.
And for the warm days of summer, we want them to enjoy their lives here with us.
Selwyn and Lillia both love to pass them greens through the fence.
I've come to look forward to the twice daily visits to their pen to feed and water them.
They like to be scratched where the mosquitoes have bitten their thick skin, and they are generally quite affectionate with us.


This is Agathe, she has come from Paris to stay with us for the rest of the summer. She is able to watch our girls so that I can go to work on our property.

Her presence here and work with us has given me the freedom to really work steadily as I haven't much for the six years since Selwyn was born. Together Berwyn and I can do so much in a day. We have a long list of things to work away at before the winter comes and with Agathe's help we will cross a lot off of that list.
She has been making a testament of her adventure here. I am surprised at how able she is to capture tender moments without us even noticing that we are being photographed.

We are grateful to have such a kind and patient helper. And we are grateful for her beautiful photos.  


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Final Nail

I do love my life mostly out of doors.
That said, we humans are vulnerable in so many ways.
In winter we freeze and in the summer the mosquitoes torment us.
To protect ourselves we've built two fully enclosed shelters here at our place.
The second is a workshop which we started last fall.
We closed it up from the weather in October.
The 16' x 24' space became a cozy place to spend winter days,
just a crisp walk a from our mini family home to the other edge of the property.
Even unfinished, it's had a rich and varied life.
Besides a workshop it's been schoolhouse, guest house, camp kitchen and general purpose clubhouse.

This week the girls helped us painting the final trim and nailing up the siding.
Now she's finished and we can move on to the next project.
If all goes well, we will have built our wash house for the coming winter.