Thursday, 27 April 2017

Kids in the Yard

Lilia is here peeking into the maternity ward: 
our first tame animals have been born here on the McQuesten Ridge. 

Just after the crowds of Easter pulled out, Clarabella, our shy sister dairy goat, gave birth to two dainty kids: Easter and Bunny.

A few days later, our old Mama goat kided two boys, birch and Mossy, who came out bigger and and stronger than their counterparts.


In the frozen darkness of January Rachelle and Margaret Atsin came to stay with us.

The plan was for them to keep the girls and I company while Berwyn was on ranger patrol. 
Four months later and they are still here much of the time. 

  We've fixed up a yurt for them and set it just down-ridge from the house. 
They've fallen into the rhythm of family and the forest farm.
(One year ago, at the turn of 2016, Rachelle posted on facebook that she dreamed of raising her daughter in a yurt on a farm in the Yukon.)

And for myself, she has been the best medicine for my isolation.