Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hit the Ground Running

Each year, we expect the Birches' sap to run any time around Mid April. When it didn't, we were held here, as though our camp was an ice bound vessel - all together in this remote place with limited resources, no way out and lots of time.
Our general happiness depended on what we did while we waited.

Berwyn warms his feet in the secret warmsprings a days snowshoe from our house.
Naomi paints the birds in the bushes


Rennee shovels in wishful attire

Ed Sara and Selwyn share a tale

Lillia and I learn to play Banjo


Ed constructs Bee Hives


And not only did we play a lot of games, but we built the boards for at least two intricate games.

When she came, she wasn't really Spring at all, but Summer. The trees ran hard and fast, and the  season was only 15 days of collecting sap. Even so, we weren't out of camp until the 1st of June.
Summer was immediately upon us and we've had to hit the ground running.
The syrup is all in bottles now, ready to move out. 
Thanks to a staunch crew for sticking it out and making us proud. Even the waiting was ok with this all star crew.

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