Sunday, 14 June 2015

The life of Riely

The sap was boiled down about a month ago.
Syrup bottled and the stacks are dwindling.
Thanks to the good folk in these pictures the season came off
with out more than the necessary trouble.
If making birch syrup could go this smooth every spring we would have no more worries.

Akane cleaned her tank each morning before breakfast without complaint.
Antoine wrapped in tubes.

 Tanja pouring hot concentrate.
Nico's done so much more than aupair.
I only wish I had a picture of him collecting his sap buckets with his face decorated like this.
and we all came out smiling.


Since the sap run was early and the crew stuck around we've been able to take off a big bite
and chew it.
There is new fence for new pigs and new chickens and new goats.
There 13 rounds on a goat barn.

My friend told me that I am living the life of Riliey, and it looks like I can't disagree at the moment.

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